J-2209 2016 Chevy Duramax Diesel Super Warrior




  • 159″ Chevy Duramax Diesel
  • 168″ Osage Super Warrior Modular
  • 72” Interior headroom
  • (7) Multi-Colored LEDS across the front of the vehicle.
  • All exterior warning lights have been upgraded to Smart Whelen 900 LED’s
  • All scene lights have been upgraded to Whelen LEDs
  • Front LED arrow turn signals
  • (6) six Red/Clear Grille LEDS
  • LED running board lights
  • Side rear scene lights on in reverse
  • Whelen 600 Red Clear LED Rear Fenders
  • Carson 100 Watt siren
  • Roll out battery tray
  • Electric door locks on patient doors
  • Dual Modular windows (That Open!!)
  • Streetside backboard storage
  • Curbside inside outside compartment
  • Streetside or curbside stair chair storage
  • Double curbside step into modular
  • Grip strut running boards
  • 20 amp Auto Ejector shoreline
  • Flip up rear step
  • Emergency Rear Step light
  • Red additional lights @ window level w/ Brake Override
  • Complete Amdor LED lighting in all exterior compartments

Interior Stand Outs

  • “Really” Deep bulkhead cabinets
  • Dual interior switch consoles
  • Solid surface counter tops
  • 31” Wide CPR SEAT
  • Cargo Net @ head of SB
  • Two portable O-2 bottle storage
  • Digital Clock
  • Four box glove storage over side door
  • Sharps/Waste drawer
  • Electric Oxygen system with 3 outlets
  • Rear radio speakers
  • Interior brake and turn signals
  • Silent sentential system
  • Front command desk
  • Extra 110, 12 and USB ports
  • Emergency Door EGRESS handles
  • Split squad bench
  • Cabinet at foot of Squad Bench
  • 6 overhead LED High Low lights
  • One overhead “Antibacterial” grab rails
  • Two overhead IV holders
  • Speed load cabinets
  • Sharps & Waste cabinets
  • Vanner BRAVO 1100 watt invertor & 45 amp Battery Conditioner



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