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Ambulance Glove Holders

NOW IN STOCK : Stop paying high prices for ambulance glove holders.Mild Steel Glove Box Holders are inexpensive and can be placed wherever you need them…..
Conserve counter space with stainless steel universal glove box holders. The open design allows you to see what size or type of glove is being dispensed.
The USA-made holders accommodate most glove boxes and are universal enough to be used for tissue holders where counter or shelf space is limited.
Models capable of holding one, two, or three boxes of gloves. Includes lifetime guarantee on all holders.
Installs easily in seconds.
GH1SS (holds 1 box): 6.5 x 4.25 x 10.5 in / 17 x 11 x 27 cm
GH2SS (holds 2): 12 x 4 x 10 in / 30 x 10 x 25 cm
GH3SS (holds 3): 18 x 4 x 10 / 46 x 10 x 25 cm

SAVE 50%
GH1SS Retail $ 81.00 Each CEV Price $40.50 each
GH2SS Retail $111.00 Each CEV Price $55.50 each
GH3SS Retail $125.00 Each CEV Price $62.50 each
plus shipping
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Glove Holders





Pierce Manufacturing is recalling 135 fire trucks in the U.S. because a suspension part can fail and cause a wheel to fall off.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says in documents posted on its website this weekend that the recall covers Pierce Arrow fire trucks from the 2010 and 2011 model years. The trucks have TAK-4 front suspensions and were built from Nov. 18, 2009, through May 11, 2011.  The agency began investigating the trucks in March after getting reports of a wheel falling off two aerial ladder trucks that were responding to emergency calls in Portland, Oregon, and Edmond, Oklahoma. The Wisconsin-based company also told the agency of another case in Milwaukee.  Pierce will inspect the lower control arms on the trucks and replace any that are defective.
Contact your PIERCE dealer if you have any questions.


General Motors has identified that Engine Block heaters on the Duramax Diesel engines are NOT designed for full time use. General Motors reminds customers that usage of the engine block heater is for inclement weather conditions specific to assisting with cold weather starts – not for continual usage or usage during non-cold weather conditions”. The Block Heater is “not to be continuously plugged into an “AC” source”.
Cromwell asks that your service people check to make sure you are “not in line” with your shoreline for continuous use. The photo here of Cromwell President Barry Bashkoff, shows the factory female plug (black plug) and a pigtail (yellow receptacle) that would connect the block heater to the vehicles shoreline. If your vehicle is connected, we recommend you disconnect the full time use mode and only use this feature during extreme cold weather.
Although this is a General Motors bulletin, we presume the same holds true for Ford Motor corporation as well.
For more information contact Bryan Tracy @ Cromwell Service 518-373-0807.

Click to read the entire bulletin:  GM Bulletin 117

Engine block heater