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BarryBarry Bashkoff – Owner

Company founder Barry Bashkoff has been selling ambulances since 1975. Over the years Barry has developed many design innovations, most notably the Hide-A-Way modular window in 1991. A concern for safety led to the development of several new and innovative safety features including the award winning Easy Reach Wall in 2013 which enables an EMT to do patient care while restrained (a major change in ambulance design). Prior to his ambulance career, Barry was the Director of Disaster Services of Eastern New York for the American Red Cross and the founder of Emergicare, an emergency service equipment company. He has been a NYS Certified Emergency Medical Technician for over 40 years and during that time was a certified paramedic for 8 ½ years. Barry was the founder of Five Quad Volunteer Ambulance at State University of New York at Albany, he founded the medical program and was EMS coordinator for Saratoga Performing Arts Center for 35 years, he was a member of the Clifton Park Halfmoon Emergency Corps for 10 years where he served as Captain for 6 years and he also served as Saratoga County EMS coordinator for 8 years. Barry started his EMS career many years ago with the Wantagh Volunteer Fire Department on Long Island.

Bill Tansey – Senior Sales Consultant 

Bill joined the sales team at Cromwell Emergency Vehicles in 2000 after a 30 year career at Proctor and Gamble where he served in a National Sales Manager roll specializing in business development and sales marketing.  Since joining Cromwell, Bill has helped to create the Crew SAFEe option package (a major change in ambulance design), created and implemented a safer “3 tier lighting system” and developed a safety system for door open and reverse systems.  Bill has contributed to numerous manufacturing improvements (safer running boards, portable equipment anchoring systems, developed the first squad bench child anchoring system and increased the safety and effectiveness of an air management system).  Bill also helped to design the award winning Easy Reach Wall.  These improvements have positioned Cromwell as a leader in ambulance design.  As a result of Bill’s work and passion for increasing safety, he was appointed as the only non affiliated, independent member of the NFPA National Technical Committee developing the 1917 ambulance safety standard.   Bill has been a NYS Certified Emergency Medical Technician for over 35 years.  He started his EMS career when he helped found the Yonkers Volunteer Ambulance Corp. in 1965.  He also was part of the Clifton Park Halfmoon Emergency Corps and served as President where he was instrumental in making it the second official stand alone volunteer ambulance network in the State of New York.

 Dennis (Denny) Shira 

Denny joined the Cromwell sales team in 2013.  Denny has been associated with the ambulance business since 1967 when he started at Niagara Ambulance Service.   He became an EMT in 1968 where he earned EMT #000799 (now retired).   Not only has he taken many college courses related to EMS and firefighting Denny has also served as an EMT instructor. In 1971 he started Professional Ambulance Service in Western NY and then in 1975 purchased Emergency Ambulance Service in Lockport.  He served as Vice President and Operations Manager for Professional Ambulance Service in Buffalo until 1991 when both companies were sold to LaSalle Ambulance.   Currently, Denny is a 19 year member of the Youngstown Volunteer Fire Company on Lake Ontario.

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